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Turning Point Foundation

Striving for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Sustainable Development

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Governance structure

TurningPoint is managed by following bodies and procedures:

  • General Committee: The General Committee is the highest body of the organization for decision making, which hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year to review and approve activities and expenditure of last year and approve action plan and budget for the next year as well as for election of the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee: The organization is governed by the 7- member Executive Committee, which have quarterly meetings for review progress and decision making for next course of action.
  • The Chairman: The Chairman is regarded as the Chief of the Executive Committee and chair possible all meetings. He or she holds all power to conduct the meeting and he/she shall decide all rules and regulations of the Foundation based on comments of the members of the Executive Committee. He/she shall carry out responsibilities provided by the Executive Committee. He/she can provide supervision, advice and guidelines in implementation of activities. He/she will provide all required approval and sign in the reports on activities, income and expenditures.
  • The Executive Director: The Executive Director is in-charge of the office and responsible for overall management of the organization under supervision and guidance of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is responsible for all communication, correspondence and interactions; coordination with the board members, initiate programs and projects; maintain records of all official information, documents, records, etc; approval of all bill vouchers, transactions after scrutinizing; Provide guidance in administration, project designing and budgeting, project management, monitoring and evaluation; Recruitment of all staff, sign contract, release of staff with due consultation with board members. Arrange meetings and arrange keeping meeting minutes; arrange periodic progress and financial reports and get approval from the Executive Committee; the joint signatory with the Treasurer/Chairman and also responsible for carrying out any work assigned by the Executive Committee.
  • The Administrative and Program team and project staff members work under the overall guidance and supervision of the Executive Director.