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Turning Point Foundation

Striving for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Sustainable Development

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Our principles

We bring ourselves together with the people from all different cultures for sustainable development. We are guided by the following principles:

  • We intend to reach our target people who are marginalized, underprivileged and hard core poor of all different cultures.
  • We respect the authentic cultural values of the target people and support them to uphold their traditions.
  • We emphasis on strengthening the self-help initiatives and self-responsibilities of the people in need.
  • We stress on the projects that will address the dire needs of the people and to eliminate the roots of poverty.
  • We assist to establish human rights and resist any form of social discrimination.
  • We initiate projects that are environment friendly and sustainable.
  • We admit authentic dialogue for partnership with a view to learn and grow together.

Our values

We believe in high quality, innovation, professionalism and social commitments and foster following values:

  • Participation of targeted people at all level whom we want to develop and empower i.e. marginalized people, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities and socially excluded.
  • Respect and trust are at the heart of our human relationships and foster commitment for all staff members, partners, and stakeholders with whom we share common goals, while recognizing and respecting individual differences.
  • Transparency demonstrating through openness, informative and interactive way as well as confident, constructive, honest, and problem-solving oriented manner.
  • Equity in action by fairness, equality and treats all partners and other stakeholders equal.
  • Diversity in our workplace and community and differences are strengths that create value through embracing multiple viewpoints and enrich our human experience. They support our geographic expansion and how we adapt to local cultures.
  • Reliability, honesty and flexibility are our traits to be consistently truthful and straight-forward and we work with them who apply the principles of good governance.
  • Working together strengthens our organization’s performance and enables us to maintain a dynamic of permanent evolution. Encouraging initiative and empowering individuals are part of our founding characteristics.
  • Productivity through efficient and effective engagement of staff members on all targets and outputs. Collective intelligence drives our progress.
  • Creativity, innovation and new way of thinking are the driving force of our development.
  • Responsibility and leadership to help create the environment we strive to achieve.